Only $199 a month

MySpaLive’s monthly plan pairs you up with a Medical Director to supervise you.  It’s just one monthly fee for his service. Most Medical Directors cost thousands of dollars a month, but we have a team with doctors that understand your business and are willing to work with you.

Medical Directors

Medical Directors are difficult to find and will rarely risk their license for Aesthetics practices.  If you were to venture off and try to find your own medical director, it would cost you thousands a month.  Our Medical Directors understand your business.  They supervise your treatments.  They sign off on your training certificates and every treatment you perform.   All of this is included in the monthly package.  

we Market for you

We encourage our Injectors to market on social media and post results.  Our team provides you with media kits to help you market yourself.  As our Network grows, we will begin marketing and advertising to bring you new customers.      


All-In-One Management software system.

Imagine having a team of professionals managing your accounts, appointments, recording keeping, patient tracking, app functionality and much much more.  That’s what MySpaLive Software program does for you for only $19.95 per month.  

Your Medical Director and Mid-Level Practitioners will be able to supervise and approve your treatments.  It’s the perfect package to keep track of all your appointments and records.  

In addition, MySpaLive, does marketing and advertising for you.