How it Works

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MySpaLive Explained

The easiest way to think of MySpaLive is like the Uber for Cosmetic and minor medical Treatments. Patients who need neurotoxins (Botox, Jeuveau, and Xeomin), and much more can search for specific treatments they want, and our app allows them to choose list the time and date they want treatment.  It’s that easy. 

Set Your Own Hours

Just like Uber and Soothe, as an Injector, you set the times and dates you are available to work. You can accept new appointments or recruit your patients and build your own network.  You can earn great money from a part time job.  If you treat with just one vial of toxin (100 units), your gross profit will be more than $400.00. The average appointment is less than 30 minutes, so if you work just one day a week with a full schedule, you will have a gross profit of more than $1,200.00.

Medical Directors

Medical Directors

In most States, you can inject as long as you are under the supervision of a medical director. Our medical directors sign off on your training and each treatment you complete. This is done entirely online, allowing you to inject. Most medical directors charge thousands of dollars a month to supervise, but ours is only $199.00 per month.


All patients must receive an Examination from a mid-level healthcare provider before they arrive at their appointment. MySpaLive utilizes Telehealth technology to make it easy and affordable. The exams are just $39.00.  They are paid for on the app by your patients and last up to a year.

Good Faith Exam

Hands On Training

In order to inject neurotoxins, you must complete an extensive hands-on course that is approved by your medical director. MySpaLive holds classes at a low cost compared to most other training schools. Our Basics course is $695.00, and our Advanced course is $795.00. Every student gets to practice on one another with real product; we also bring in extra models for even more practice.  You will walk away with the confidence to start right away. 

FDA Aproved

FDA Approved Product

Pharmcierge LLC has a distribution agreements with major suppliers such as Allergan, Evolus, and Merz. We make it easy for you to purchase everything you need through our app. We guarantee all the products are FDA approved and triple-checked by our team of experienced medical professionals.  Your Medical Director approves all products to authenticity and safety.  

Payments made easy

Our app makes it easy for you to collect payments from your patients. Once you set up your Stripe account and connect it to your profile, you can begin collecting payments and instantly transfer them to your bank account. It’s quick, easy, and safe.  MySpaLive charges only $19.95 a month to manage your account.  

record keeping

Very few people enjoy the hassle of keeping paperwork, medical history records, receipts, payments, and treatments. MySpaLive’s software package does all it all for you in the app. We produce reports, income statements, and your history automatically. We will also issue you a 1099 at the end of the year.  All this is included in the $19.95 per month fee. 

Download our app

Building your own aesthetics business has never been easier. Begin your journey today by downloading the MySpaLive app or by signing up online.  Let us help build you a future for you.